Kisan Karnad identifies diversity and opportunity as the key reasons why he’s stuck with WSM for over 25 years.

Mumbai: Karnad spends his days motivating a team of 12 serving customers ranging from individual seafarers to vessel owners. He’s come a long way from his days as a second officer when he joined Wilhelmsen in 1988.

“Quite frankly, I did not expect to serve for so long in one organisation! Wilhelmsen has provided a multicultural work environment and supported my desire to pursue higher academic studies, but the main reason I’ve stayed is how closely I’m aligned with the core values of the group. I can sleep soundly at night knowing we always do business in the right manner.”

Karnad is quick to pick out a career highlight: “When group CEO Thomas Wilhelmsen visited Mumbai in 2011, he allowed all employees to freely interact with him. This open, honest exchanges provided a tremendous boost in morale.”

Reflecting on over 30 years in the shipping industry, including 13 years as a captain, Karnad notes that working conditions have come a long way.

“As a result of international work by regulators and pioneering efforts by companies like Wilhelm-sen, I have seen significant strides made in safety and environmental protection. Adapting to new technologies through proper training and processes will be key to our success looking forward.”

“I have seen significant strides made in safety, environmental protection and new technology”