Two WW group companies have collected an industry award for technical excellence following a successful collaboration.

The ShippingInsight Award is presented annually to honour a shipping company and its technology partners for the successful implementation of an innovative technology or initiative that advanced the state of the art in fleet optimisation.

Callenberg Technology Group, which is part of WMS, developed an innovative engine-room energy-management technology solution for MV Tønsberg that reduced wasted energy through capacity-driven control and management of engine-room ventilation systems.

The technology alters the ventilation and combustion air supply to meet the demand of fresh air to the engine room. It also varies the seawater pumps to the actual cooling demand of the diesel engine at any given time. When in port and when operating in colder waters, the system provides maximum energy savings during slow steaming. A total electricity saving of 900 000 kWh is projected for the first year.