Collaborative back office pilot gets underway in Asia-Pacific.

WILHELMSEN SHIPS SERVICE is trialling an internal process change aimed at freeing up customer service coordinators to spend more time on value-add activities. The new shared services function in Kuala Lumpur will deal with the administration of invoices for marine products and technical services and entering of quotes and orders for marine products. The time saved will allow coordinators to spend more time cooperating with account managers on winning new business.

Thomas Smordalen, vice president international sales and marketing, says: “Our customer services are to a large extent the heart and soul of maintaining good customer relationships over time. In order to support our growth strategy, it’s important that our colleagues are allowed to spend more time in front of customers – servicing and selling – and less time on paperwork.”

The pilot will run until September and the results will be closely monitored by other WSS offices around the world.