Does the maritime industry stop without Wilhelmsen? We handled more than 75 000 port calls, made 220 000 product deliveries and transported 74 million cubic metres of cargo last year. In fact, our products or services reaches someone in the maritime industry every three minutes all year round. The maritime industry and thereby world trade would struggle if we don’t deliver professional services and quality products to our customers.

We have 48 000 hands on deck. We would be nothing without you and 23 999 dedicated colleagues around the world. You know the industry. You know how our products and services help our customer’s solve their problems. We are all part of a great puzzle and each one fulfils functions necessary to make us realise our goals and ambitions.
Adding to our great people and a strong culture, we ensure our group consists of different pillars and offers. If we kept all our eggs in the same basket, a challenging situation would be more difficult to handle. A diverse portfolio and exposure to different segments of the maritime industry make us strong even in tough times.

We feel it to varying degrees, but 2016 will most likely be challenging. We cannot ignore that.

However, there is nothing indicating that world trade and transportation will be less in the near future. In other words, our global network will have plenty to do also in 2016, securing that our customers operate as efficiently as possible. Our global footprint is solid and as a group we are major force in the maritime industry. Utilising our existing platform and knowledge we can grow further. It all boils down to achieving the right results, the right way, having the right people with the right competence and attitudes, being efficient, delivering quality to our customers and always keep looking for new opportunities.

Thomas Wilhelmsen
Group CEO