This issue of WW World celebrates the magazine’s 30-year anniversary. Looking back at the development of the magazine and not least the stories we have shared, it is evident that we have been through many changes and witnessed several major events during the past three decades. We have changed our way of operating, changed our business models and focus, and we have met and handled external challenges and opportunities.

Some argue that change is the new normal. I argue that we have always changed, acted on opportunities, utilised existing technology and adapted to customer needs and expectations. Having survived for 156 years tells me that we have been fairly good at adapting to changes.

Buzzwords such as digitalisation and disruption are challenging us to make big decisions going forward. At the same time, we face market challenges, which require the Group to adapt if we want to stay competitive and shape the industry.

We have left behind an intense 2016 with several transactions, a stock listing, and merger plans. We will continue to restructure the Group to meet both customer needs and future market opportunities. Everything we have done and all we are doing are measures to meet tomorrow head-on and well prepared. I encourage you all to stay on top of our strategic direction and not least our way of working by reading Wilma, our common global intranet.

I am very confident that we are making the right decisions. We are in this for the long run. We are in this to continue to shape the maritime industry. Given our enormous network of talented people, global operations and the gigantic platform of information we encompass, I am truly confident that we will survive and even thrive in the future.

I wish you all the best for 2017. It will be an exciting year for us and for the industry.

Thomas Wilhelmsen
Group CEO