Our Engagement Survey results show that you are proud to work for the Wilhelmsen group. Our scores are solid on performance and reputation. I am happy to see that the majority of you are engaged and motivated.  We need your knowledge and skills going forward. We need your energy to create positive change for the group.

The world around us is changing. Regulations are becoming stricter. New technology is introduced daily. Our way of working is shifting. Therefore we also need to change and challenge how we do things. As a shaper of the maritime industry, we need to be the first to change.

Be bold, think new
Our customers more or less get the same products and services everywhere. Winning new markets and continuing to grow, we need to challenge ourselves. We need to think new. We all have to suggest completely new ways of working – it could be a different process, a new way of delivering the product to the customer, a new type of customer or a new service. Innovation is more than just products and technologies. Remember innovation and change is also about creating a new value proposition for our customer. We want to create value for our customers by being the first to suggest new ways.

Only by being in the forefront, by adjusting to new customer needs and behaviours, by bringing more value to our customers, can we shape the industry going forward. If we do not adapt, we will miss opportunities and our success will discontinue. We will be followers, not shapers. Let us think new, let us dare to challenge old routines. If we can break free from the old, we can shape and create opportunities for the new. Our success depends on it.

Thomas Wilhelmsen
Group CEO