This year and with this issue, we celebrate 30 years of WW World. It is not only a celebration of the magazine, but also of our company’s history throughout the past three decades. WW World was there when we survived, merged, sold, overcame, laughed, grieved, delivered, celebrated, stood fast – thousands of stories told through thousands of competent colleagues at sea and on land.

We had magazines and internal information bulletins long before WW World. In 1986 however, as the company celebrated its 125-year anniversary, we saw a need for a new and more frequent magazine. In 1987, WW World came fresh off the press. Still written in Norwegian at the time, but with a new layout and a different editorial style.

Three decades of stories later, we have spoken to the first editors, dug up some pivotal stories, and drawn the WW World timeline. We could add more, and make this issue 10 000 pages long. However, although only a glimpse into the rich history of WW World, we hope you will enjoy the next few pages. n