Wilhelmsen started the cooperation with WFP acting as agents for shipments of aid cargo like fish oil, stock fish and salt fish from Norway about 35 years ago. Food was sent to West- and East Africa as well as parts of the Middle East. As Wilhelmsen’s agency network expanded in the US and later the Black Sea, the cooperation with WFP increased with Wilhelmsen acting as agents for many of WFP’s grain shipments.


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Design: Emberland & Sveen


Today, Wilhelmsen’s agency offices in Yemen, Sudan and Pakistan amongst other places act as agents and liaison offices for WFP and their activities. The Ukraine has developed into a major supplier of grain for WFP and Wilhelmsen act as their agent towards WFP. Daily contact is maintained by Wilhelmsen’s office in Genoa, Italy, supported by mai account responsibility from Wilhelmsen’s head office in Oslo.

The scope of operation is closely linked to areas of political unrest and famine, and therefore geared to help and assist in challenging situations.