Emilia Shao brings a unique combination of 15-years industry experience and a varied academic background to one of WSS’ fastest
growing markets.

SHANGHAI: Shao oversees the sales team, joins account managers on customer visits, and makes sure every port enquiry gets a quick reply. She believes her attitude and approach is key to her
team’s success.

“I encourage every team member to be hard-working, dedicated and professional,” she says. “In this way, if anyone in the team needs help, the whole team will be pleased to step in.”

Shao is a strong believer in ongoing education and is currently studying for a Masters in Social Psychology to follow her degree in biotechnology. Her academic interests may seem an unusual match to a career in the agency business, but Shao disagrees.

“If you are a lady who enjoys a challenge and wants to achieve, join us in the shipping industry”

“Rational thinking helps me to solve all kinds of problems during my daily work,” she says.

Reassuringly at ease in what still is a largely male-dominated business, Shao cites American businesswoman Mary Kay Ash, founder of the cosmetics giant Mary Kay, as an inspiration. She is a passionate advocate for encouraging more women into the maritime industry.

“If you are a lady who enjoys a -challenge and wants to achieve, join us in the -shipping industry, but bring -ambition, persistence and lots and lots of patience.”