Melanie Moore and Jørn-Even Hanssen, members of the HSAT team, going through the app features.

Melanie Moore and Jørn-Even Hanssen, members of the HSAT team, going through the app features.

A brand-new health and safety app will be available to employees across the Wilhelmsen group starting in 2016. The app is part of the company’s strong commitment to promoting health and safety among its employees and in its activities.

Providing an environment that ensures the wellbeing of all employees is not only a legal requirement, it is also a key priority for any responsible employer like Wilhelmsen,” says Jørn-Even Hanssen, group vice president for human resources.

The Wilhelmsen health and safety app is being developed by the Health and Safety Advisory Team (HSAT); a newly formed group that is responsible for promoting health and safety in the Wilhelmsen group.

Jørn-Even, who leads the HSAT, is one of the people behind the new app. He explains that it was created to enable employees to increase their safety awareness.

“The app was built for our employees to encourage safe, responsible behaviour every day,” says Jørn-Even, adding that employees will be able to use the app to report a health and safety incident, accident or even make an observation about an area that needs improvement. 

The app will also connect employees with health and safety-related information, as well as news and tips for everyday activities. Important details about the various sites and offices have also been built into the app, giving both local employees and visiting colleagues immediate access to local emergency procedures and contacts.

iphone-5-three-quarter-perspective-mockupBUT WHY AN APP, AND NOT A WEBSITE OR INTRANET PAGE?
“With mobile phones in almost every pocket these days, the app allows employees to connect on the spot if something happens or when they have an improvement idea,” continues Jørn-Even.

“In the past, people sometimes didn’t know what to do next if they saw something risky, but now they have an easy-to-use tool at their fingertips,” he says.

Once an incident has been reported, the information is filtered through to a team of health and safety professionals who are responsible for following up, identifying the cause and planning corrective actions.

The response so far from employees involved in testing the app has been positive.

“It seems people want these kinds of applications in their day-to-day work,” says Jørn-Even. “I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to make his or her own personal contribution to improving safety in the company by learning more about health and safety and reporting incidents when they occur.”

The group behind the app, known as the HSAT, was formed in Q4 2015 to foster a health and safety culture throughout the Wilhelmsen group. It consists of seven people from Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Wilhelmsen Ship Management, Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA, and Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding.

In addition to the app, the HSAT has also implemented a new, quarterly health and safety reporting structure that will assess health and safety in each business area according to a series of industry-standard metrics. The metrics, which range from absence rate due to sickness, to work-related injuries and total safety observations, will be used to improve attention to health and safety across the group.

“We’re fully committed to creating a group-wide health and safety culture because we care about our employees and colleagues. By mapping and understanding the trends across our business, we’ll be able to change our behaviour and promote a more health and safety conscious mindset and culture throughout the company,” concludes Jørn-Even.