The Wilhelmsen group works continuously to improve, optimise, and grow. The digital era arrived many years ago, but fully grasping it has taken some time for the maritime industry. We are now in the works to firmly take a position and develop from there. Over the next few pages, you can read about our initiatives, thoughts and plans to tackle tomorrow. We are recruiting differently, we are thinking differently, completing new types of projects – gearing up to be a maritime powerhouse shaping the maritime industry.

In our previous issue of WW World, we focused on environmental innovation. In this issue, we focus on digital innovation. In the next issue, we will talk about disruptive innovation.

How LeAP keeps Wilhemsen ahead of the curve
The world is changing fast and it requires new competencies in all areas of business. Wilhelmsen’s Leadership Advanced Programme (LeAP) was created to ensure group skill sets remain ahead of the curve.

Preparing Wilhelmsen for the future
Digitalisation is changing the world and Wilhelmsen is ready to play a key role in shaping it. A new Digital Solutions Team guides the group in digital innovation and strategy.

Digital trainees replace the maritime trainee programme
With the maritime trainee programme on hold due to a dampened industry outlook, the Wilhelmsen group heads to new frontiers in our hunt for future talent.

New app helps promote health and safety culture
A brand-new health and safety app will be available to employees across the Wilhelmsen group starting in 2016. The app is part of the company’s strong commitment to promoting health and safety among its employees and in its activities.

WSS innovation to solve problem of on-board boiler failure
A brand-new innovation from Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) is set to make vessel boiler failure a thing of the past. The device, which has been developed in response to growing demand from the market, will reduce downtime and cut repair costs for customers.