In this special report we focus on the concepts that will push Wilhelmsen in a different direction. We examine the likely challenges and opportunities of tomorrow to work out how we will all need to adapt to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We invited one of the world’s most prominent challengers to the maritime industry, the Norway-based one-stop-freight-shop Xeneta, to tell us how they view the future of the maritime industry. We speak to leaders across the Wilhelmsen group to discover where their respective business areas will be in 10 years’ time, and we meet the head of Wilhelmsen’s newest department, Digital Solutions.

The last three issues of WW World have focused on different areas of innovation: environmental, digital and disruptive. All three issues collectively highlight the many great initiatives the Wilhelmsen group has taken and will continue to take. In this issue, we discuss some of the thoughts we have towards the disruptive changes in our industry, and some of our plans for how Wilhelmsen will make a living in the future, no matter how different that future might be.

Meeting the upstart

When one of the industry’s brightest and most disruptive startup leaders meets one of the world’s most established maritime companies, you might expect sparks to fly. But when Xeneta CEO Patrick Berglund met Wilhelmsen group CFO Christian Berg at our Oslo head office, they found more common ground than disagreement.

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How should the group prepare?

Leaders from across the Wilhelmsen group talk about what disruptive innovation is likely to mean for them over the next 10 years and beyond.

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The digital accelerator

Inge Sandvik is the person charged with steering Wilhelmsen into a connected future as our new Vice President Digital Solutions.

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